Frequently Asked Questions


What is FIRE Fitness?

FIRE Fitness offers a boutique fitness experience that is motivating, social and fun for those who want to lead life on FIRE. FIRE Fitness has its own innovative proprietary programmes that are conducted in small intimate groups, lead by Rockstar trainers who deliver the best in the business. Membership is flexible- you can pay as you train or subscribe to a monthly pass.

What are the classes offered in FIRE Fitness?

A 45-minute class that includes cardio treadmill routines combined with strength training. This is rounded off with core conditioning and dynamic yoga exercises.

A 45-minute strength class utilising barbells, dumbbells and body weight to reshape your physique.

A 45-minute high-energy class that combines old school boxing and martial arts movements that will leave you empowered and energised.

A high intensity 30-minute spinning class to get your heart rate flying, with 15 minutes of functional training to give you a full body workout.

45 minutes of HIIT, Strength, Yoga and Pilates to give you a full body workout.

30 minutes of high intensity cycling, and our signature FIRE Yoga combines power, strength and flow.

The SPARKS programme follows a special kid friendly format, which focuses on fun, interaction and safety. Children from 6-12 years will burn off some serious energy in this class!

Each station is unique. Check out the classes offered in all OUR STATIONS here.


What are the membership packages offered at FIRE Fitness?

We offer different subscriptions and packages to suit your needs. Visit OUR PACKAGES to view the membership and class packages.

How do you purchase a membership or a package?

Memberships and packages can be purchased via BUY PACKAGES or through the FIRE Fitness app, available on AppStore and GooglePlay store.

Are there any events for members?

Yes, there are events for members. To find out more about our events and special themed classes just keep an eye on the member notices around the club.


Can I come and use the gym any time?

We feel the best results come from working out with others who have a passion and energy for fitness. Our FIRE stations offer small group classes and personal training sessions. A valid membership package would be required for you to book either of these sessions.

What amenities do you provide?

Lockers are available for your personal belongings while you workout. We offer workout towels and a water cooler is available to quench your thirst. If you would like to freshen-up after your workout, we have shower towels and complimentary toiletries such as soap, shampoo and conditioner. Hair dryers are provided at all stations.

Can I do a trial class?

Yes, we would love you to try before you buy! Our trial package allows for 3 visits within 14 days. We encourage you to experience a range of our signature FIRE programmes with our world-class trainers.

Can I join if I am a beginner?

Of course you can. All our programmes are intensity based and ensure that everyone who comes to class gets the best workout possible. You can run or walk, go heavy or go light – YOU do YOU!!

Do I need to book in advance?

An advance booking is best. Many of our classes are fully booked and to avoid disappointment, book in before you come along. You can book for your favourite classes and instructors up to 14 days before the class.

Can I use my classes at any location?

Passport Subscription and credit packs allow you to book and workout at any FIRE station. A Home Subscription allows you to workout at only one station but feel free to upgrade this at any time.

What is your class cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes bookings need to be changed. You may cancel or edit your bookings up to 12 hours before the class. Unfortunately any cancellations or changes done within the 12 hour window before the class starts, will incur a loss of your class credit. We will allow 1 late cancellation a month but unfortunately any more than this and you will be charged a small fee of RM15. You will be notified and charged of any late cancellations at the end of the calendar month.

What if I miss my class?

If you are unable to attend class you will lose the class credit. A no-show is considered to be the same as a late cancellation.

What if I am late to class?

A lot of planning goes into the final minutes before our classes start so we ask you to be ready 5 minutes before it begins. If a fan is waiting to join a class but does not have a booking because the class is full, they may be given your spot in the class if you are late. FIRE classes always start on time.

How does the Waitlist work?

Our classes are fully booked frequently. If you would like to join a class which is full, you can join the waitlist. When someone cancels their booking, a pop-up notification will appear on your phone that a space has become available. Fastest finger wins, book the open space and the class is yours! Do remember to remove yourself from the waitlist before trying to book.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, we know schedules change from time to time. Please do remember that if you change your booking within 12 hours before the class, you will be charged 1 class credit for the cancelled class.

How old do I have to be to join a class?

Safety first – all fans must be 16 years old to join a class. If you are younger than 16 book yourself into a Sparks class for ultimate kid fun.

Can I join if I am pregnant or had a baby?

We think it is awesome that you are keen to stay fit and healthy while pregnant. Getting back in shape after a baby is also important. The most important thing here is that your doctor has given you the go-ahead to complete a FIRE workout, which may include boxing, running, cycling or strength activities. Please take classes at your own pace and best to have a word with our instructor prior to the class starting as modifications to exercises and exertion levels may be required.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes but please give us 14 days notice. You can freeze for a minimium of 10 days and a maximium of 60 days. A doctor’s certificate may be requested.

How do I terminate my membership?

1 month notice is required to terminate your membership. Should you need to terminate your membership earlier than the contract date you will be required to pay 25% of the remaining subscription fees. Please notify the Station Manager via email. You can find the e-mail address on the Contact Us page of our website.

Can I transfer my membership?

In case of relocation or a long-term injury, class packages and subscriptions can be transferred with the approval of the Station Manager. The remaining credits cannot be extended and must be used within the original expiry date.

Can I share my Classes?

Class packages can be shared with family and friends however our monthly subscriptions can only be used by the account holder.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer any refunds on our class packages, monthly subscriptions or merchandise. All purchases are final.

What class package would suit me best?

We offer two different options to ensure there is something for everyone. Credit packs allow a little more flexibility and can be shared with family and friends. Monthly subscriptions are a one off monthly payment that allow you to workout more, for less!

If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?

One of our FIRE Starters will be happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you'd prefer to speak to the Station Manager, please just let us know. All 4 FIRE Stations have a WhatsApp number and e-mail address should you like to contact us. Contact details can be found here at OUR STATIONS page.

How do I update my personal details and/or account details?

You can update all your personal details through our website or FIRE Fitness app. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at the Station.

How do I feedback about your products and services?

We love to hear from you when we are awesome, we also love to hear from you when we can improve. Please come and chat to us, or if you prefer, email your feedback to the Station with the email address provided.

Are there any events for members?

Yes, there are events for members. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page to sign up for these.


What should I do if the fire alarm sounds?

Don't panic. Our team will tell you what to do and guide you to safety. If the alarm stops after a short time, it was simply a false alarm or a test.

Are the team trained in first aid?

In the unlikely event that someone is injured, our trainers are trained and ready to help you. There are also first aid boxes located at reception.