4 Rounds – 2 Teams – ONE GOAL

FORCE is our signature strength class that will rip away body fat and reshape your physique – for the better! Like FIRE forges IRON. In 45 minutes, you’ll cover upper body, lower body and core exercises to harness the strength inside and bring it into your daily life.

what to bring

Water Bottle

Extra Clothes


what to expect

Before Class

Before Class

Get to know your Rockstar Trainer so they can keep an eye on you throughout. Grab your drink bottle and sweat towel – it’s going down.

During Class

During Class

You’ll be using dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension trainers, resistance bands and there WILL be chin ups – the ultimate strength goal. There will be short blocks of work that target alternating muscle groups before the anticipated REST. Drink up and get back to it. It will be worth it.

After Class

After Class

High-5s and fist bumps all round. You made it! May the FORCE be with you.