8 Tracks – 2 HIIT Rounds – 1 Serious Challenge

The latest playlist. Inspo trainers. A spin class that will hit everything. Charge through 30 minutes of extreme terrain, climbing, sprinting and making that grit last all the way to the finish line. Move on to 10 minutes of functional training that for your upper body, core and legs – leaving no muscles untouched. Finish with stretch and breath. Let the sweat flow.

what to bring

Water Bottle

Extra Clothes


what to expect

Before Class

Before Class

Your Rockstar trainer will help you set your bike. Grab your drink and towel – major sweat fest coming right up.

During Class

During Class

You’ll cycle for 8 tracks to challenge, build and test your cardio endurance and stamina. Cycle, sprint and climb your way through our awesome music playlists. It’s a sprint party on a bike! High-5 your fellow cyclists – we all need that. Follow up your cardio with 2 rounds of HIIT training to get that total body burn. Face off kettlebells, the FIRE suspension trainer or dumbbells for that fiery strong and toned look.

After Class

After Class

You’ll end the class with yoga stretches for some much-needed muscle recovery. Give your FIREfam the sweatiest high-5 you can.