6 Rounds – 3 Speeds – 0 Regrets

It’s the Fire Starter, the OG, the one that sparked it all off. A cardio blast with HIIT treadmill bursts mixed in with strength training that will work your whole body. Finish off with yoga to reset the body and mind. All that in 45 minutes.

what to bring

Water Bottle

Extra Clothes


what to expect

Before Class

Before Class

Your Rockstar Trainer will explain the class flow and how to use the treadmills and equipment. Don’t hesitate to ask for help at any stage – they are there for you.

During Class

During Class

A 3-minute warm up that will focus on getting the heart pumping, blood flowing and the mind ready to slay. Now you are ready to STRIDE. Short treadmill sessions where you’ll jog, run, sprint and climb. It’s one chest thumping test of your endurance and stamina. Mix it up with rounds of strength and endurance training using your bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension training Just 3 rounds of each and you are LIT! Cool the fire with some relaxing yoga-based stretches and a cold towel.

After Class

After Class

Water is LIFE. Book in for your next class!